Quortex offers an AI-based software solution that lowers the infrastructure and network costs for content delivery over the Internet. New usage and media have now replaced traditional TV, with “Over The Top” leading the content production investment for Video On Demand. Live delivery will follow this trend, but technological limitations remain, that prevent content owners from delivering their Live content over the Internet at a profit.

Based on patented AI technology, Quortex Live video platform automatically scales Cloud resources on the go while maintaining an optimal user experience. This answers the major problem of channel audience variability that content owners are now facing. The Audience can be small: the provisioned infrastructure is wasted, costs do not match business volume. Or the audience can be an unexpected success to the point of clogging the network. Quortex solution keeps infrastructure and network costs to a minimum, while dynamically adapting to audience variability.

Quortex changes the paradigm of content delivery by introducing “Just In Time Everything”, a technology that builds the workflow based from the user demand, not from the content origination. Our solution combines this patented architectural breakthrough with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence. It makes our software fully adaptive to unpredictable network, infrastructure and audience dynamics.

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